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For 110 years, Ohde Funeral Home and its staff has been singularly committed to caring for our client families through presenting a wide range of quality, customized services and products, offering prudent advance funeral planning options and maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

We constantly strive to keep all of our locations updated. The recently added family lounges, with an area for children to play and adults to take a short break, have been well received. In addition, we are constantly researching ways that we may be of more service to our families and communities. Ruth and Alison are available as speakers on the many topics related to funeral service.Please let us know if we can be of greater service to you.Recently Hannah Brotherton joined our staff as a funeral director intern. She has completed her schooling and passed the National Board Exam. Now she will serve a one year internship with Ruth and Alison as her preceptors before being fully licensed as an Iowa Funeral Director. Hannan will live at our funeral home in Carroll and begin to serve families in all of our locations. It is exciting to have a young person join us as we look to new ways to serve our client families.

We are so blessed to have the best support staff. Deb Hansen and Michelle Meyer try to keep up with everything in the office and we would be lost without their support. Kathy Kraus is our everything maintenance person who also helps with funerals. This summer's rains have certainly kept her busy mowing and trimming the yards. Tom Sporrer, Ron Reischl and DanWittrock help with funerals and driving and are graciously on call whenever needed. Deb Knueven has started part time. Since she worked full time for us at one time, she anticipates our many chores. Rosalie Macumber, Nancy Shoon, Ramona Anderson, Kay Vaux and several substitutes are so helpful in our branch locations. As you can tell, 'it takes a village' to provide outstanding service to our many client families.  

For visitation and funeral information,please visit 'Obituaries.'  We will update this area as soon as we havedates and times confirmed. Or, call the funeral home toll-free at 1-866-289-0216.

Contact us at ruth@ohdefuneralhome.com 

Ruth Ohde and Alison Ohde River, Owners and Funeral Directors

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